Does Low Birth Weight = Age-related Vision Loss?

A recent study suggests doctors may need to pay close attention to vision concerns in patients born with a low birth weight.

Medical researchers at the University of Alberta recently published findings of their study on rats with restricted growth in the womb, causing them to be born with low birth weights.  The study showed those rats were most susceptible to developing age-related vision loss, compared with rats born within the normal range of birth weight.

Additional work needs to be done to see whether this same link exists in people. If it does, doctors will need to incorporate better vision monitoring in adults who were born with a low birth weight.

Although most age-related eye diseases or vision loss can result from many different factors, this study may indicate that low birth weight could be an additional factor to consider.

The low birth weight rats in the study had overall poorer vision as they aged, they also had poorer night vision.  While it is normal for night vision to be slightly affected with age, the night vision loss was worse than normal in the test subjects as they aged.

Now all of this begs the question: How do they know what a rat can or cannot see and the degree of the difference??

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