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Diagnostic Tools

Visibly Better Eye Care uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools at both our Lake Zurich and Mettawa locations. Click on the headers below to learn more about the instruments and technology we use to ensure the highest level of care for our patients.


Auto RefractorRecently added to both our Lake Zurich and Mettawa locations is the Optomap Ultra-wide Field Retinal Imaging System. When you get an optomap image it’s fast, painless and comfortable. Nothing touches your eye at any time, making it suitable for the whole family. All you do is simply look into the device one eye at a time (like looking through a keyhole) and you will see a quick flash of light that tells you the image of your retina has been taken. The optomap ultra-widefield retinal image is a unique technology that captures more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image while traditional imaging methods typically only show 15% of your retina at one time.

Benefits of an Optomap:

The benefits of having an optomap ultra-widefield retinal image taken include:

- Optomap facilitates early protection from vision impairment or blindness
- Early detection of life-threatening diseases like cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease

The unique optomap ultra-widefield view helps your optometrist detect early signs of retinal disease more effectively and efficiently than with traditional eye exams. Early detection leads to successful treatments that can be administered earlier and reduces the risk to your sight and health.


Auto RefractorRefraction testing is done as part of an eye examination for people who already wear glasses or contact lenses, but it can also be done if the results of the other visual acuity tests show that your eyesight is below normal and can be corrected by glasses. The Auto Refractor enables the doctor to make any necessary adjustments to ensure an accurate prescription for your glasses and/or contact lenses.


Field AnalyzerWe have the Humphrey FDT perimeter that provides a clinically verified, fast and affordable means of detecting early visual field loss that can be caused by glaucoma, lesions inside the visual field pathway, and other diseases such as brain tumors.

The doctor will assess the focusing and eye tracking ability (this is especially important with children) Poor tracking and focusing can add to or be the cause of poor school performance.

*Additional fees apply.


Silt LampA high powered magnifying lens enables the doctor to evaluate the structures around, inside, and in the back of the eye. Depending on the circumstances, doctor may wish to dilate your eye during your appointment, or at a later, more convenient time. This procedure more specifically checks for:

  • Eye Infections
  • Corneal Degeneration or Injury
  • Blepharitis (dandruff on the eyelashes
  • Blocked Tear Ducts
  • Styes
  • Dry Eye Evaluation (tear assessment)
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Pupil Anomalies
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Optic Nerve Health
  • General Retinal Health


Tonometry We are excited to offer you a state of the art glaucoma and retinal health assessment. The Cirrus™ HD-OCT performs a powerful test  to help doctors identify early signs of eye disease that can lead to irreversible blindness. Diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy tend to progress without any pain in the early stages. Age is known to be a major risk factor for development of many eye conditions.

It is for this reason among others that it is vital to get tested for these conditions early. Now that we have the Cirrus HD-OCT we will be able to test for and diagnose eye disease at an earlier stage, when it is less difficult to treat and the results are better. As with anything when it comes to your health early detection is the key and with this new tool we will be able to provide that for you.


Retinal CameraThis is the newest addition to our practice and we are very proud of it! We have the Visucam Pro with legendary Zeiss optics. It is designed to photograph the interior surface of the eye, including the retina, optic nerve, macula, and posterior pole. The imaging is taken to monitor the progression of a disease, diagnosis of a disease or for screening purposes, where the photos can be analyzed later.

*Additional fees apply.


TonometryThis device is used for the ‘Puff” test which measures the fluid pressure inside the eye. It is an important test in the detection and evaluation of glaucoma.

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