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Eye Care Services

Visibly Better Eye Care is a full service Optometry practice providing comprehensive eye health and vision exams, treatment of eye disease, and contact lens evaluations. Eye health, school eye exams, vision evaluations and treatment of eye disease and disorders include the following:

  • Glaucoma testing
  • Diabetic eye exams
  • Treatment of red eyes
  • Macular degeneration screening
  • Corneal evaluations
  • Retinal evaluations
  • Cataract evaluations and co-management
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Retinal photography
  • Foreign body removal
  • Epilation (removal of embedded eye lash)
  • Laser vision and co-management
Eye Examination

But Visibly Better Eye Care does much more than eye exams and contact lens fittings. We are a full service Optometric Office providing a full range of eye care services. While primary eye care is an important service, we also offer unique vision care services, such as non-surgical solutions, surgical consultations, and preventative eye care.

Visibly Better Eye Care offers same day emergency appointments for issues like:

  • Pink eye
  • Spots or Light Flashes in the eye
  • Loss of vision
  • Eye injuries

A careful case history is taken for each patient that includes: current medications, systemic conditions such as allergies and auto-immune disease that can affect the vision, and areas of patient concern. The Visibly Better’s Doctors then provides each patient with a thorough eye examine for vision problems and eye diseases as well as testing for visual acuity, depth and color perception.

Then, each patient is tested for their ability to focus and coordinate their eyes. Many systemic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure are first found during a comprehensive eye exam. The Visibly Better’s Doctors can first diagnose diseases found in the eye, then be a part of the management of those diseases.

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