3-D movies…Thrilling or Illing?

Summer’s here and that means it’s the season of 3-D blockbusters, but here’s something to think about before you buy that 3-D ticket.

3-D movies have made a larger than life comeback, and they have also created a new phenomenon called 3-D vision Syndrome.  Symptoms of 3-D vision syndrome include: dizziness, nausea, and headaches.  Headlines first started to appear around the time Avatar was released and there was a marked increase of symptoms for people who had just experienced watching Avatar in 3-D.

3-D Glasses3-D movies are made by filming one image for the right eye and another image for the left eye.  Then with the special 3-D glasses, the brain fuses these two images resulting in a 3-D image also known as depth perception or stereoscopic vision.   When the eyes can’t fuse these images properly, the symptoms of nausea, dizziness and headaches occur. 

How do you avoid 3-D syndrome?  Well one doctor recommends just removing the glasses and watching a blurry movie.  I recommend skipping the 3-D movie option and instead watch it in 2-D and save yourself some money and a headache!

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