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Visibly Interesting!

Our objective is to be a reliable resource for our patients in all things related to vision. For that reason we are proud to announce our new Articles of Interest page, called Visibily Interesting! We will be continually adding new articles to keep our patients abreast of all the latest vision news. Please check back often.

Can cadavers help restore vision to the blind?

This may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. According to an article published by Stem Cell Reports, retinal stem cells collected from human cadavers may offer a potential treatment for blindness.
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New hope for those affected by thyroid eye disease

The newly approved drug teprotumumab can offer hope to adults with thyroid eye disease, a rare and potentially blinding condition.
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Could diet be the cause of vision loss in seniors?

It’s possible that diets heavy in red meat and fatty foods may help spur a leading cause of vision loss in older Americans, according to new research.
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Visibly Better Eye EquipmentAge-related macular degeneration can occur much earlier than originally thought

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of visual impairment and blindness in industrialized countries. But the question is whether it can be defined as a disease in people 50 or older.
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Tetris – A Cure for Lazy Eye Disorder?

Researchers use the popular puzzle video game Tetris to treat adult amblyopia or lazy-eye.
Health Canal

Eyeball licking can be dangerous…you’re kidding!

Eyeball-licking fetishism, also known as “oculolinctus” or “worming”, is gaining popularity as a way of expressing affection or inciting sexual arousal in Japan. With the increase of this activity, doctors are warning that there is a linkage to serious risk of virus conjunctivitis, other eye infections, and even blindness.
Medical News Today

This Just In

I just read an article dated June 16, 2013 about a new layer of the Human eye being discovered. This is great news for those people who need to have corneal graft or transplant.
Medical News Today

Here Comes the Sun

Baby with SunglassesSummer is upon us! We protect our skin with sunscreen, but do we need to protect our eyes too? Most people are aware of the dangerous effects ultraviolet (UV) rays have on our skin, but most don’t realize the danger to our eyes.
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What to Do Guide for the Four Most Common Eye Injuries

Everyone has experienced the stinging, burning, watering reaction to something getting in your eye. We aren’t sure what to do so we try all sorts of things to try to get the offending object out. So, I’ve put together a “What to do Guide for the Four Most Common Eye Injuries”.
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Astigmatism: What does that mean??

Of the five senses, vision is probably the most taken for granted and least thought about, that is until you go to an Optometrist and hear that you have astigmatism. “What does that mean?”
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Everyone Loves their OD, Even Justin Timberlake!

I’m a fan of JT and it looks like he is a fan of his Eye Doctor! When I saw this I couldn’t resist writing a blog about 20/20 vision!
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Could Aspirin Increase the Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

Say it ain’t so! Could it be that our miracle cure-all can contribute to age-related vision loss when taking regularly?
Huffington Post

Woman with EyeglassesHow Many Blinks Are Enough?

“How many blinks are enough to keep your eyes moist and prevent eye strain?”
Baylor College of Medicine

Seeing double: Clinton spokesperson confirms that Secretary of State is wearing glasses to correct vision problems after concussion and blood clot

Dangers of head injury can linger. Read about how Hillary’s concussion has lasting effects.

Vision Problems Tied to Extreme Prematurity in Study

Vision impairment in young children who were born extremely premature is associated with brain damage and an eye disease called retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a new study indicates.

14 Things Your Eyes Say About Your Health

What your eyes say about your health? Learn 14 things eyes say about your health, and whether to be concerned…

Nutrition for the Eyes - What Do You Really Need?

This article on eye health discusses the vitamins one needs to maintain healthy eyes.

Tips for Good Eye Health

Your eyes serve a very important purpose, but they're organs many take for granted until a problem occurs. Keep your eyes healthy with a few short tips… ( )