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About Visibly Better

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Visibly Better Eye Care initially began as Dr. Kaplan and Associates in November of 2000 in Oak Brook. When Costco came to the Midwest, Dr. Kaplan jumped at the chance to sublease the Independent Doctor of Optometry office at the Oak Brook location. Although at the time Costco was a relatively unknown name in the Midwest Dr. Kaplan was aware of their success and popularity on the east and west coasts and knew a good opportunity when she saw one.

Dr. Kaplan's gamble paid off and less than a year after she opened her Oak Brook practice, she took over the Lake Zurich office as well. The collaboration with Costco proved to be a strong and successful one, and with the rebranding of her practices to Visibly Better Eye Care, Dr Kaplan, along with her team, opened their next location in the Mettawa Costco, which opened in the Fall of 2010. With the focus of the group now primarily on the Northern suburbs, Dr. Kaplan handed over ownership of the Oak Brook practice to one of her Doctors, providing her patients with continuity of care.

Over the past 20+ years Visibly Better Eye Care has consistently been able to keep up with the continually changing landscape of optometry while maintaining the highest level of care for their patients. They have participated in many community events and grown to truly appreciate the communities in which they are located.

office photoBy assembling the best Optometrists, and the best technical and non-technical staff, Visibly Better Eye Care is able to reliably deliver the best service to their clients. This is something that their patients have come to not only appreciate but depend on.

“Our commitment to our patients is unparalleled. Our commitment to the latest technology and staying abreast of the latest advancements in our field ensure that our patients are receiving the best eye care possible.”

-Dr. Dawn Kaplan

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